A health company focused on improving people’s overall wellbeing with natural remedies. With their phytotherapic dietary supplements they focus on the causes and not on the symptoms of pathologies.


Stakeholders Engagement
E – commerce strategy

Aliveda is one of Italy’s most dynamic and innovative nutraceutical companies. Their focus is to develop dietary supplements that are effective in treating the causes and not only the symptoms of the most common diseases through a holistic and natural approach. They chose Making Business Happen USA to expand the presence of their brand to the US market. In the first phase, we accompanied them with our D – TEM service by conducting a market research, acquiring FDA certification, revising their labeling to make it compliant with the US market’s regulation, and registering the brand. After this first phase, we profiled and selected their main stakeholders such as medical specialists, dietary supplement distributors,  and “healthy lifestyle and wellness” influencers in order to be ready to introduce the brand Aliveda as soon as we will get started with the launching of the products on the major online marketplaces.