Fratelli Marano

Fratelli Marano is an esteemed company with roots dating back to 1930, located in Calabria, South of Italy. Over three generations, Fratelli Marano has been dedicated producers of sweets and cakes featuring the renowned and distinctive Calabrian fig, Fico Dottato.


Their offerings range from the cherished traditional Calabrian figs, known as “Crocette,” to innovative creations incorporating other Calabrian excellences such as bergamot, licorice, and chil. Additionally, they pride in crafting classic chocolate figs and candied covered fruit. Fratelli Marano prides itself on seamlessly blending heritage with innovation; each product is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, utilizing only the finest and authentic raw materials. Making Business Happen supports Fratelli Marano in the expansion of the American market with the selection and activation of new trade contacts and new digital and traditional sales channels.