I Am The Ocean

I AM THE OCEAN, The Art Luxury House,” is an emerging luxury brand founded by American designers. This brand seamlessly blends the excellence of Tuscan artisanal craftsmanship with innovative plant-based materials and cutting-edge technologies. Its mission is to revolutionize the concept of contemporary luxury by promoting a conscious change.


Making Business Happen has played a crucial role in overseeing the brand’s launch phases, beginning with market analysis to identify the target audience, and shaping the brand’s vision, mission, and core values. We have taken care of all aspects related to brand identity and have coordinated communication activities with Mirai Bay, our digital partner since 2018. Together, we have defined the digital communication plan and developed the brand’s proprietary website and e-commerce platform. In addition to these efforts, Making Business Happen has managed PR and media relations for the brand. Our strategic approach, encompassing both online and offline communication, has resulted in organic features in prominent fashion magazines, including Vogue Italy.