Il Tuo Banco

Il Tuo Banco – The Urban Street Farmers
Il Tuo Banco, a family-owned business founded in 1966, has grown from a small itinerant grocery store to a leading purveyor of local and artisanal Tuscan food products. A true “hub market” of stories and products of excellence, the new brand reflects Il Tuo Banco’s commitment to bringing the flavors of Tuscany to the world with a focus on local, sustainable agriculture.


Alessio and Mayta, the owners of Il Tuo Banco – The Urban Street Farmers, a food truck business in Tuscany, Italy, are expanding their business to reach a global audience. They are launching an e-commerce store and a franchise program to share the flavors of Tuscany with people all over the world. Together we have developed a new brand identity and marketing strategy to target international markets, particularly the United States. The food truck industry is growing rapidly, and we are confident that Il Tuo Banco – The Urban Street Farmers represents a “best practice” that can capitalize on this trend.. With their new franchise program, Alessio and Mayta aim to bring their signature brand of high-quality food and exceptional customer service to a wider audience.